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Team/Room Lead In-house Training
Due to demand we are offering the following in-house training for team/room leads.
Up to 12 delegates a session. Each session lasts 2 hours. Attendance certificates provided.
 - Strategies to improve how you communicate with your team (communication skills)
 - Meaningful supervision and appraisals 
 - Getting people to do what you want, when you want (delegation skills)
 - What motivates your team and how to enhance team performance (motivation skills)
 - Giving constructive and meaningful feedback
 - Coaching and mentoring techniques
 - Creating a strong, positive culture of innovation and change (critical thinking, problem solving, open-         mindedness)
 - Being a positive leader (conflict management, diplomacy, positive reinforcement)
 - What is your duty of care as a team leader to staff (acknowledging mistakes, being reflective, legal               responsibility - mental health)
 - Being an emotional intelligent leader (emotional intelligence)
 - Who steals your time? (time management)
 - Why being flexible in the workplace is so important. (adaptability, negotiating, responding to problems         and issues)
 - Building commitment to the nursery's vision, passion and professionalism (commitment to company           objectives, keeping promises, perseverance and determination)
 - Understanding the disciplinary process, the legal implications of getting it wrong (discipline)
 - Team building (a series of challenging activities - fun based)
 - Being professional (managing staff who are your friends, professional love, code of conduct, work ethic)
We also offer fun and inspiring team building sessions/days 
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